Construction workers

For high noise environments

Richard Browning, founder and chief testpilot, Gravity industries

"The Tactical Headset is just about the only way we can establish air-ground communication, a 1000bhp jetsuit isn't quiet!"

Richard Browning

The Tactical Headset

The Tactical Headset series offers a sleek and lightweight design for communication in any noise or environment. In a noisy workspace, a factory floor, riding a motorcycle, anywhere a normal headset would fall short. The patented design of the Tactical Headsets combine a state of the art throat michrophone with HiFi quality noise reducing in-ear speakers, giving you the ability to hear and be heard regardless of the ambient noise. The microphone picks up your voice directly from the neckskin, isolated from any ambient noise while the speakers provides 26db of noise reduction. The design includes a total overmold of the neckband and microphone parts, thus making it completely waterproof.

The Tactical Headsets have been developed in close Co-op with the Swedish military, following their requirements for durability and function and is used by high demanding clients such as Military personel, First responders and Coast Guard among others. The civilian version of the Tactical Headset is based on the same technology and design, but developed for smartphones.

Tactical Headsets C50 CE approved smartphone headset

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