C10 Listen
C10 Listen
C10 Listen
C10 Listen
C10 Listen

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C10 Listen

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The C10 Listen in-ear headset is equipped with the same noise reducing custom speakers as the rest of the Tactical Headsets series. C10 Listen is developed is developed for musicians, audiophiles and gamers that demand high quality audio. 
Using a 3,5mm standard jack the C10 listen fits into almost all devices such as smartphones, in-ear monitor units, gaming controllers etc. 

The C10 Listen is a perfect headset for your everyday use, where you don't necessarily require a throat microphone but still want high quality audio and high attenuation. During your morning commute, working out, biking, or just want some peace and quiet to enjoy your favorite music or videos. 

The custom in-ear speakers provide 25db of noise reduction (when using red or yellow earplugs), and the smart design of the earplugs make sure that they stay in place and are comfortable all day long. 


  • 20hz - 20.000hz frequency respons
  • Distortion <2%
  • 16 ohm 9mm custom made speaker elements.
  • 26 db noise reduction
  • 3 different size of ear plugs
  • removable ears jumper for perfect fit
  • remote control and microphone
  • Soft Case

    The C10 also have a normal microphone and up/down Play/pause buttons on the cord so it can dubble as a normal smartphone headset. 

    Important Info:
    skip to next song : push the play button twice. 
    Previous song : push the play button 3 times. 

    Make sure to insert the ear-speakers nice and tight, (it should be really quiet) If not then you will loose the low base respons.  

    With the C10 listen in ear monitor headset, you don't just listen to music. You experience music!  

    Warren Huart from producelikeapro.com tries out the C10 Listen