C50 CE Smartphone Throat-microphone Headset
C50 CE Smartphone Throat-microphone Headset

Tactical Headsets

C50 CE Smartphone Throat-microphone Headset

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  • The Tactical Headsets C50 offers a complete communication solution for anyone in a noisy environment. 
  • Connect it to you smartphone and you have full spectrum noise reducing in ear speakers with hifi audio. 
  • Combined with a state of the art throat microphone that picks up your voice directly from the neck skin. 
  • No more ambient noise, whether your on a motorcycle, on a factory floor or in a busy street. 
  • The headset is built after military standards so they are highly durable and very strong

The C50 meets the requirements for CE hearing protection. 

  • 1 Neckmike C50 Headset including 2 sets of different sizes of ear plugs.
  • 2 neck-band parts for large and small neck size. 
  • FIX-mount that is a strechable soft hook and loop band for easy placing of the microphone on the neck
  • Now with Danish HIFI speakers for the ultimate music experience on the ride.
  • 3,5 mm connector fit most mobile phones on the market.
  • Fulfills CE requirements for Hearing Protection