Sena Tufftalk Lite, HM
Sena Tufftalk Lite, HM
Sena Tufftalk Lite, HM
Sena Tufftalk Lite, HM


Sena Tufftalk Lite, HM

Sale price3 299 SEK
Inga Recensioner


  • The Bluetooth 4.1 enabled Tufftalk Lite is a lower profile and cost-effective version of the original Tufftalk. 
  • The lightweight headset allows users to communicate with 3 other workers over 800m. 
  • Listen to music, and even connect to a smartphone to take and make calls. 
  • Seamless Bluetooth intercom communication allows users to talk without interruption.
  • HD-quality speakers and Advanced Noise Control technology delivering audio that’s clear in even the loudest of work environments.


  • Tufftalk Lite adds an extra degree of protection in noisy workplaces by helping to dull loud or distracting sounds for optimum comfort. 
  • Provides the necessary protection from permanent hearing loss. 
  • Tufftalk Lite has a Noise Reduction Rating of 21 dB. 
  • Provides vital awareness of threats on the job through instant communication with coworkers instead of shouting or hand signals.
  • 21 DB Attenuation
  • 800M Intercom range
  • Four-way intercom
  • Advance noise control™
  • FM-radio
  • Smartphone application
  • Hygien kit available