M11 Pro
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Tactical Headsets

M11 Pro System Motorola GP340

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M11 Pro system bundle for Motorola GP340
Product Description

The Tactical Headsets PRO M11 Headset is a world-leading patented throat-microphone system. Light weight, high quality and a comfortable design makes it one of the best and most versatile headsets on the market. HIFI-audio speakers with thin nylon strengthened cables, aluminum speaker cabinets, IP68 and a state-of-the-art throat-microphone that picks up the voice directly from your neck skin, shutting out ambient noice and improves readability.

Key Features

  • High attenuating hearing protection (SNR 25 dB)
  • World leading throat microphone technology
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Readable in noises well over 120 dB.
  • Light weight, only 49 grams around the neck.
  • HIFI - speakers for clear communication
  • IP68


The Tactical Headsets PRO M11 Headset offers loud and clear communication in any noise or environments. Useful when users need to communicate in harsh environments, for the military, safety and rescue teams, handymen in construction companies, private contractors driving their own machines, farmers in agriculture business, maintenance workers in industrial applications etc. Everywhere hearing protection and clear communication could be of benefit.